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Featured in People Are..

People Are.. Photographic Journey

Photographic Journey with Aeron Nersoya  Written by Jennifer Waddle, 43 candid photos, portraying genuine moments of work, life, and play, will offer you a glimpse of ordinary people with extraordinary worth.


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In Motion


The Venice Beach Drum Circle

Avo - In Motion
Avo - In Motion, on Apple Music
Avo - In Motion, on Spotify

Celebrate New Life

Avo - Celebrate New Life
Avo - Celebrate New Life, on Apple Music
Avo - Celebrate New Life, on Spotify

Featured in California Super Bloom, in Celebration of Photographic Journey’s 6th B'DAY!, Free Download!

California Super Bloom Photographic Journey


Writes, Records and Produces music, Plays few Real and many Virtual musical instruments.

Visual Music

Pop Instrumental - Sprinkled with Voices, the Style is Cinematic - Adventure, Fantasy, Action & Romance. Each composition illustrates a Journey from Avo's world, with warm-colored Sounds and layered Rhythmic patterns, influenced by Motown.

Origin & Meaning

Hollywood, CA. U.S.A. The name Avo is the short form of the original name Avedis / Avedik (variant), means Good News in the Armenian language.

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